Science Cafe Abiko

8 8月

Now the homepage is available. Please visit at

and click! You can see the Yutube of the previous presentations.


The 5th Science Cafe Abiko turned out to be very successful in the sense that the participants of 28 people

enthusiastically talked about black holes in the Universe during my presentation ” Black Hole is everywhere in the Universe”.

In my view science is a part of culture and should be treated on the same footing as painting poem music drama.

For this purpose open discussion among participants is essential. This time the diary of the  famous poet Fujiwara Teika

which described the supernova of 1054. The description was not his hand but a literally copy-and-paste of (probably) the hand writing

of a professional astrologist!

I am very pleased to announce that we are going to continue the Science Cafe Abiko,

Next Cafe:

September 23rd(Mon)   2-00 p.m.

at the community center ” Komorebi” near the Higashi-Abiko JR station

Topic :   Expanding Universe

contact: tel 090-1650-3660 or


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  1. clentywp 8月 8, 2013 @ 3:18 pm #

    Those who are interested in visually visiting the successful 5th Science Cafe Abiko held on August 4th, 2013, the following URL will unfold before you the entire presentation and open discussion among the participants. I look forward to the next cafe scheduled for September 23. Clen T. Yasufuku


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